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Classified Ad Posting Services 

Classified Ad Posting Service is process of introduce and advertise your business and business products or services in market via internet. Before post your ads in Classified sites you should have knowledge about posting process of Classified ads.

If you are an owner of a small business or company and you wished to spread your business or company, then free classified ad posting service is preferable for your business or company. You should make a list of excellent classified ad sites those are depend on number of daily visitors, Alex rank and, page rank.

You can find classified sites easily with the help of your business related keywords in search engine (Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.).

Title plays a vital role of your ads. Using an attractive title can impress visitors and help to increase number of visitors. A proper title may create a large number (more than 60%) of traffic to your website.

A nice picture related to your business gives a support to your ad. With help of picture you can show your creative work to customers.

About our ad posting service

  • We can customize your campaign according to your exacting requirements.
  • We provide free image ad creation
  • Affordable Rates and Grand Results
  • We post all the ads manually
  • We can include phone, email, or website address in ads.
  • High-Quality Postings
  • We send you a daily report.
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Boost your sales by utilizing our posting services

We have developed unique strategies to consistently post ads anywhere on Craigslist for you manually. Imagine the traffic and sales potential possible by posting your product or service locally or nationwide on Craigslist daily.

Frequently Asked Questions

1What does “FLAGGING” mean?
Flagging means that your ad was visible on the website. However, the website took the ad down after a period of time. This is usually caused by competitors reporting ads as SPAM. We are not charging for flagged ads, with our Craigslist Posting Services we guarantee 100% Live Ads.
2What days of the week do you post ads?
Our Craigslist Posting Team can post ads for your company or products seven (7) days a week.
3How many ads can be posted daily?
We post ads manually and our craigslist posting team can post minimum 10 ads per day per client and maximum 500 ads per day per client.
4Can you post the ads in multiple cities and sections?
Yes, We can post the ads for you in your local city or nationwide in multiple cities. We can post in multiples sections and categories as well.
5How will I know if my ads have been posted and are visible on the website?
At the end of each day, our Craigslist posters will send you an e-mail with a report attached showing you where to go and view your ads.
6Do I have to create my own ads and titles?
We just need few titles and bodies (description) from you in the start of your craigslist posting campaign, after that we will make all the variations ourself. So you don’t need to worry about the content.
7When do I have to pay for your service?
We can post Free sample ads for you. After that Full payment is required when you place your order for craigslist posting campaign.
8Do you renew the ads?
Yes, Once the old ads start coming on renewals, we will use renewals & new posts to complete daily order.
9Once I have paid for service, when will my ads be posted?
Your ads will be posted within 48-72 hours of your order being processed.
10How long will my ad campaign run?
We run minimum 14 days campaign. If you want less than 14 days, Please Contact Us.
11Can you provide references regarding your reliability and efficiency?
Yes, upon your verbal or written request.

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